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E-mail : jm.devaux2@wanadoo.fr et isabelle.lavalley386@orange.fr



Dear Sir or Madam,

The International Watercolour Exhibition of Saint Yrieix la Perche took place this year in July and August and confirmed its growing reputation as a well-organised, independent, dynamic and convivial show of high quality exhibits. As in previous years, we welcomed a large number of visitors (around 10,000) and offered classes for technical improvement, free public demonstrations and a sale on the last day. Despite the current economic climate the balance sheet was generally positive.

The 16th Exhibition will take place from 24th July to 22th August 2021 at Saint Yrieix la Perche, a small town in the Department of Haute-Vienne in the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, just on the borders of the Corrèze and Dordogne areas (in Aquitaine), on the way from Limoges to Périgueux, Brive la Gaillarde or Sarlat, near the A20 or the A89.

Our goal in creating this Exhibition remains unvaried: to promote the art of watercolour, bringing it to the attention of the general public, and to increase its standing by showing works of very high quality, both by established artists and by those whose evident talent has yet to be recognized.

We have chosen three sites for our exhibitions within the Medieval City. This year, by adding the whole of the Attane Room to the two rooms of La Halle used in previous years, we have practically doubled the space available, which will enable us greatly to improve the presentation. We strongly wish to preserve our independence and the simplicity and conviviality which have characterized our Exhibition during the last 8 years and which have brought new friends, lively discussions and stimulating discoveries. We will continue by proposing 18 series of classes for beginners or for those more advanced in the techniques of watercolour, free public demonstrations, conferences and a street painting competition on Sunday 4th August.

  •  The Patron of The International Watercolour Exhibition is Lélie Abadie.
  • The Guests of Honour will be: Anastasia Mouchan, Biélorussie as foreign representatives and Alexis Le Borgne for France.

I hereby invite you to apply by sending an e-mail before the 28th February 2020 closing date to both myself (jm.devaux2@wanadoo.fr ), Isabelle Lavalley (isabelle.lavalley386@orange.fr) and Alain Nardou (alain.nardou@laposte.net ) giving a short introduction of yourself including your postal and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers and attaching between 7 and 10 very good quality but unretouched photos of the works you wish to exhibit.

A correctly exposed shot taken with a 5 Megapixel camera, avoiding deforming reflections and printing resolution 300 DPI (dots per inch) is requested.

Each picture file should be identified by a number. These numbers will be listed on a text file showing the title of the work, its price and the dimension of the frame which will contain it.

For French artists : the application file must also contain your number given by the “Maison des Artistes” and your Siren/Siret number.

All works must be watercolours and not previously submitted to the last 12 exhibitions, must not be copies, even if the author is named, and must be correctly framed. Framing is of the utmost importance; avoid gilded or metallic frames which capture the light and consequently “kill” the watercolour. Choose simple frames, white or natural shades with white mounting boards which will set off your pictures. The Exhibition aims for a high standard which requires a certain harmony.

The selection will be made at the beginning of March by an expert jury who will choose the pictures to be exhibited: they must not therefore be sold before the show.

The successful candidates will be notified before 15th March 2020 by e-mail, telephone or mail.

Each selected artist must pay 80€ inscription fee and will receive the souvenir booklet. The organisers will take 16% of the sale price (prices established frame included). Works must be delivered on Thursday 16th July between 9 and 12 am. The opening, to which the artists and their friends will be invited, will take place at 7pm on Saturday 24th July 2021 in the company of local and regional personalities. The prizes for the best watercolours of the 2019 Exhibition will be awarded during the opening. The jury will consist of the Exhibition Patron, the two Guests of Honour.

I look forward to receiving your application and remain,

Yours faithfully,

Isabelle Lavalley et Jean-Michel Devaux

Co-Présidents du Salon international de l’Aquarelle

5 Avenue de la Wantzenau

87500 Saint Yrieix la Perche

tél : 0033 (0)9 64-40-27-10 or 0033 (0)6 89 38 47 16 / 06 72 56 98 89